5 Yoga Poses That Will Improve Your Sex Life

I started practicing yoga back in 2017, on a dare - I never dreamed that I’d still be actively doing it three years later! The great thing about it is that I don’t even have to leave my house in order to practice it (which is a darn good thing considering the pandemic and the quarantine). What I started noticing as soon as I gave it a go and it became a habit is how much more flexible I became, but also how much more sensual it made me. If you’re practicing yoga together with mindfulness - and you definitely should - you’ll notice that your breath has deepened, your stamina is much better, and you’re starting to enjoy touching your partner and being touched a lot more (here’s a whole article on that if you’re interested).

But even if you’re just in it in order to get in shape and work on your flexibility, there are plenty of benefits to be reaped, a more pleasurable sex life being one of them! The poses you’re practicing should depend on what you’re looking to accomplish, and if you’re aiming for a great sex life, here are the five (relatively easy!) ones you should definitely incorporate into your everyday routine!

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We’re starting from the easiest one! In order to do this pose, you need to get on all fours, with your arms and legs at a 90 degree angle to your body, and keep your back straight to begin with. Then, take a deep breath as you lower your back and lift your gaze and tailbone up. Stay in that position for three deep breaths, then start lifting your back, lowering your gaze and your tailbone and coming into cat position. Try to lift yourself off of the ground, as high as you can, by using your arms and legs. Stay in this position for three breaths and move on to the next one!

Happy Baby

Here is another fairly simple one, albeit a bit more difficult than the last. Lie with your back in neutral position - slightly curved, but not exaggerated. Raise your knees towards your chest and put your feet parallel to the ceiling. Then wrap your first two fingers around your big toe (or grab your feet with your hands) and press so your knees start going closer to your chest - pull them down by pressing on your feet. Enjoy the sensation of your hips opening up and try not to fall asleep!

Bridge Pose

To do the bridge pose, you need to remain on your back, but instead of lifting your legs, place your feet on the ground. Your heels should be just out of reach when you extend your arms. Place your hands on the ground, too, and start lifting the small of your back all the way up, as high as you can. This pose will be harder to do than the previous two, as you’ll need some strength in both your arms and legs. But as you’re lifting your back, you’ll feel the blood going to your crotch, and that’s just what we want, isn’t it? Stay in that position for one breath, then return to the ground, and repeat two more times.

Puppy Pose

Great news: you can get off our back and enjoy this slightly easier pose! For this one it's best to start from Child’s Pose - get on your knees, sit on your calves, put your hands to the ground and start sliding them forward until your chest and forehead are to the ground. Then keep on sliding forward and lifting your thighs until they’re at a 90 degree angle to the floor. You may not be able to keep your chest close to the ground - three years later, I still can’t do it perfectly - but however you do it the results will be there!

Downward Facing Dog

Last, but definitely not least, the one pose you’re probably familiar with even if you’ve never done yoga before. This is probably the hardest one to do out of all five, but much like the Puppy Pose, even if you can’t do it perfectly, don’t worry about it! Just do it as best you can and you’ll still be able to feel your muscles stretch and your body relax.

The easiest way to do this one is by starting in a plank position: your hands and toes on the ground, with your back flat. Once you’re there, start lifting your tailbone and moving your chest towards your legs, until you form a triangular shape with your body. Ideally, you’ll want to work towards lowering your heels to the ground, but I only managed to do it after a year and a half, so don’t sweat it right away. Just enjoy the sensation and make sure to do some practice before your partner comes over!

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